Client Satisfaction

Creating the best customer service organization in the building industry.

The Ritz Carlton. Nordstrom. Southwest Airlines. These are the brands we all think of when it comes to delivering world-class customer service, and we are committed to adding our name to that list.  Blach Construction is committed to creating the very best customer service organization in the building industry.

We have defined what outstanding customer service means to us. More importantly, we understand that each customer has their own definition of excellence in this area. Project by project, client by client, we will learn how to best meet or exceed their expectations for customer service. We do this by creating strong relationships. 

We meet face-to-face with clients prior to each project and conduct a thorough survey. Once we have a clear understanding of each client’s needs and goals, we create a customized approach for their specific project.

While checking in on a regular basis throughout the project, we also conduct more formal, in-person interviews at the mid- and post-project stages in order to continually measure our performance and gain constructive feedback. This feedback is communicated back to the project team so they can modify their approach, if necessary, or retain it as a lesson learned for future projects.

Without understanding the needs of each client, and then actively seeking constructive feedback throughout the process, it is simply “business as usual” for the construction industry. That is why Blach is working so hard to elevate the level of service we provide to clients and in the process, helping redefine expectations of what the best building contractors and construction managers can deliver.