Building projects that add real value and benefit to people is not the only way Blach is dedicated to enhancing communities. 

The company is recognized regularly as among the most philanthropic businesses based in Silicon Valley.  Each year, Blach donates thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours to local charities that provide critical services to people in need. 

In 2010, Blach created a special program entitled, “40 Avenues of Service” to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary.  Employees identified 40 different charitable organizations and collaborated to volunteer at each one of them over the course of the year.  A special web site was developed to record the activities, featuring photos, videos and commentary from each event. 

The anniversary year was capped off with a special pro bono project: an interior renovation at Sacred Heart Community Service, one of Blach’s early non-profit clients.

So when Blach people are not building projects, you can find them working equally as hard in the community coaching little league, leading girl scout troops, serving on boards of directors, raising money for special projects, participating in Rotary and other service clubs, providing workshops to disadvantaged students, and cleaning up creeks and beaches. 

This philanthropic commitment originated with the company’s founder, Michael S. Blach, and was instilled in the early leaders of the company.  As Blach has grown, so, too, has its dedication to serving others both through its work and through its people.