Award-Winning Safety

As a leading builder, Blach believes that a healthy and safe work environment must be incorporated into the fabric of its daily operations.

The company's record of safety is remarkable considering the nature of its work on complex projects and constrained sites, including operating college campuses, occupied medical office buildings and clinics, active businesses and historic facilities.

Blach's exceptional loss prevention and safety records are achieved through extensive training and development programs in which its employees, particularly its superintendents and foremen, participate on a regular basis. Blach superintendents work closely with the dedicated Health and Safety team in order to enforce all aspects of the company’s detailed program, maintaining the highest safety standards.  

Through the continued implementation of its Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Blach's zero incident and accident rates are regularly recognized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the AGC of America as among the top programs in the industry.  

As a mid-sized contractor, Blach's safety program has been recognized as the third safest in the nation by the AGC of America.  And, we have received several safety excellence awards from the AGC of California, including four for first place (2009, 2013, 2014 & 2016) and two for third place (2010 & 2015).

Blach’s EMR - Past Five Years
4/01/2018 - 0.51
4/01/2017 - 0.49
4/01/2016 - 0.43
4/01/2015 - 0.40
4/01/2014 - 0.39                  

As the company continues to grow in size, Blach's safety program grows with it. The company regularly seeks out innovative ways to continuously improve its safety program, promote environmentally sensitive and safe behaviors and provide the best training and resources to achieve a goal of a zero-injury work environment.