Virtual Design & Construction

 Merging old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver real value to clients

Blach approaches VDC as the method of integrating BIM (software tools used to create 3-D models) into the design, engineering and construction process. Virtual models developed across all disciplines feature robust detail that supports actual constructability, coordination and sequencing of a project.  

Many in the design and construction industry claim to be practicing some level of VDC. The Blach team believes that in order to deliver actual value, the project model must contain exact, data-rich representations of actual equipment and materials rather than simple, geometric graphics.  When we create an accurate, model-based simulation of the construction process, Blach is able to realize significant increases in project efficiency, cost savings and overall construction quality.

Blach merges the deep knowledge of a seasoned builder with construction BIM (models that contain construction-level detailing), in-house laser scanning services, and model-based robotic layout to optimize its VDC efforts. Utilizing the experience of its field teams to guide the virtual construction and coordination of projects results in project models that are accurate in every construction detail. 

The accurate construction detailing in Blach's models enable spatial coordination at a significantly higher level than is typical in the industry. Proactively working to avoid clashes in the first place, rather than finding and tracking them later, has led the Blach team to develop a workflow in which every system is scrutinized room by room, floor by floor, to correct not only clashes with other systems, but other conditions that are not constructible, or are not easily maintainable throughout the life of the building.

The extreme level of detailing and coordination that is achieved through our workflow improves efficiency and reduces cost. Building systems, including framing systems that have traditionally been field-built, can be pre-fabricated allowing overlap of scopes of work that would normally need to be completed first.  The result is a project built better, in less time, and at lower cost.

Best-in-class tools are required to support best-in-class processes. Blach uses a suite of leading software and hardware tools by Tekla, Trimble, Faro and Graphisoft, among others. The company's extensive technology toolbox supports our innovative approach to construction: if it can be done, Blach has the tools to do it.  

Some features of Blach’s VDC program are:

  • Dedicated, full-time Virtual Design & Construction team
  • Design intent validation through 3-D renderings and model “fly-throughs”
  • Clash avoidance workflow - true spatial coordination of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, architectural and structural systems by modeling at construction-level detail
  • Current “as-built/state-of-completion” model shared with entire team through Tekla’s BIMSight software
  • An as-built model with embedded operations and maintenance information following project close-out
  • Trimble Robotic Total Station used for Model driven layout and as-builting
  • In-house laser scanning services