BizWomen Mentoring Monday

By Meghan Johnson - Earlier this week, two Blach colleagues, Gaye Landau-Leonard and Nicole Johnson, and I participated in the national BizWomen Mentoring Monday event – a series of fast-paced coaching sessions with other women in Silicon Valley.

As Blach Construction has provided me with and introduced me to a number of inspiring mentors over the years, the chance to take part in Mentoring Monday has been a fantastic opportunity to give back in a similar way.

This is the second year I’ve been a mentor at this event, meeting and connecting with so many impressive women along the way – various C-suite members, founders of start-ups, lawyers, high-tech and aerospace engineers, and more. But the highlight this year was my meeting with a senior from Notre Dame High School in San Jose, who was feeling discouraged and daunted about how she would ever find her way into her chosen field.

Even in just the seven minutes of our “speed-mentoring,” I was able to shine a light on an existing network of hers that she hadn’t yet identified or explored, which will help her get a foot in the door to the career of her dreams. The look of hope and excitement on her face has stayed with me all week. For me, that’s the entire purpose of Mentoring Monday: lending someone a hand, in small ways or large, to help them on the path to achieving their dreams. 

Posted on April 04, 2016 by Meghan L. Johnson
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