Developing Lasting Relationships at the ASC Competition

By Corey Ward, Project Engineer                    

What is the ASC Competition? 
The ASC Competition (Region 6 and 7 in Reno, NV) is a weekend-long event where universities from all over the Western U.S. assemble teams to compete in a variety of construction-related problem statements. The competition weekend includes a large banquet dinner with guest speakers from the construction industry, as well as a career fair with close to 100 industry companies and sponsors.

The competition itself is composed of 12 problem categories that challenge, teach and develop students by emulating real construction processes and problems, all over the course of two action-packed days. The ASC Competition is unparalleled in providing opportunities to network with construction professionals and learn about the industry. Equally significant, students develop a bond and sense of camaraderie with their teammates that they hold for long after the competition has ended.

Why is it valuable for Blach to send a team to recruit at this competition?
Companies that choose to recruit at the ASC Competition have the opportunity to network with some of the brightest and most dedicated construction, engineering and design students. To me, Blach’s recruiting presence at an event like the ASC Competition is indicative of their commitment to hiring and developing the best talent that the industry has to offer.

The diverse pool of students and applicants gives Blach the ability to confidently hire employees that fit well with the company’s culture and philosophy.  In addition to recruiting, Blach can network with other construction companies and stay up-to-date with industry news and developments. 

How did the ASC Competition lead to your full-time position at Blach?
I can fully attribute my full-time position at Blach to the ASC Competition and the opportunities that it presented. Having previously interned for other contractors and having been relatively unfamiliar with Blach, I was invited to meet several Blach employees and learn about the company following my competition presentation.

The ASC Competition exposes students to Blach and all companies in attendance that may not otherwise be possible. Although there were a number of companies recruiting at the ASC Competition, it was the culture and people that comprise Blach that made my decision effortless. 

Posted on February 02, 2016 by Blach's Web Admin
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