Blach University: Continued Learning = Better Projects

It’s clear to us that existing employees, as well as candidates, highly value the concept and practice of continued learning, which is what led to the initial development of Blach University eight years ago.

That value is what continues to encourage the growth, adaptability, and success of the program today.

An ongoing program designed to meet the current and future training and development needs of our employees, Blach University is ordinarily delivered through in-person classes taught by both in-house experts and outside facilitators.

This program is a differentiator in our industry because of the well-rounded, tailored curriculum that is revised every year based on corporate strategic goals, trends in the industry, and individual needs of our employees.

By offering more than just the same standard courses online year after year, we ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality service from a team that is staying ahead of the trends. For instance, we offer courses on customer service, business etiquette, and presentation skills which give our employees the tools they need to interact with clients and business partners at every level.

In addition to inviting outside specialists to speak to our group, we encourage our own employees to teach classes within their scope of expertise. This provides employees with opportunities not typically available in other companies: practice speaking in front of large audiences, greater visibility throughout the company, and the chance to do something outside of their normal day-to-day job responsibilities.

Blach University doesn’t only focus on the professional development of our employees. We see it as an opportunity to provide education on topics such as personal finance, stress management, nutrition, etc. As a whole, this program mirrors the company’s values of supporting well-balanced employees who are more engaged and ready to take on the next challenging project!

Posted on March 03, 2013 by Meghan L. Johnson
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