Blach: A truly unique culture

Many books have been written, and studies performed about the great intangible - a company's “culture.”

At Blach Construction Company, we work hard to ensure that our culture enables our employees to learn and grow, to do their best work, to strive for excellence, and to have fun with the incredible team we have amassed.

We know that happy employees will serve our clients and community well, and provide the “Blach difference,” a unique user experience, to both our clients and our partners in the industry.

Each year, our employees provide feedback through the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area  process. The feedback is anonymous, allowing our team to be honest and forthcoming.  Almost all of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, which enables our management team to feel great about the countless hours they spend mentoring, managing and coaching our less experienced team members. 

On the other hand, sometimes we get feedback that identifies an area in which we need to make improvements. We relish the opportunity to know what employees need, and get to work addressing the issue. This sends a very positive message that feedback matters, and will be taken seriously.

By any measure - the Blach culture is a huge advantage for our company. Turnover is rare, we are able to recruit amazing employees as we grow, morale is excellent, and we are consistently rated among the top 6 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area in our size category (and the top construction company of any size). 

Our culture also provides unique advantages for clients.  Happy employees are more productive and work harder to provide exceptional customer service, build stronger relationships, and look for innovative ways to deliver even greater value to our clients.

(Image - A 70th birthday celebration for a very dapper Dan Williamson, a 36-year Blach veteran)

Posted on November 11, 2012 by Gaye Landau-Leonard
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