Cutting-edge technology for a 218-year-old structure

Blach is currently performing an extensive seismic retrofit and restoration of the Carmel Mission Basilica. 

In order to minimize the potential construction and weather impacts on the 218-year old structure, our team is employing cutting-edge laser scanning and 3-D modeling technologies.

One example of how we are using this technology is in the attic space, the area in which much of the work is taking place. 

Blach used its laser scanner to create a 3-D model of the as-built condition of the roof structure. The model, composed of over 70 scans, has allowed our team to fully detail much of the work in this space while minimizing the amount of time people need to work in this very confined space.

The image attached to this post shows one of the detailed trusses, the scan data in grey, the new wood infill members in green, and the steel gusset plates in purple. These components were modeled in the scan and then shop drawings were extracted from our model.  Carpenters were only in the space to install the components; no field measuring or cutting was required inside the building structure.

The end result of our efforts is a roughly 50% decrease in time carpenters spent working on the trusses in a confined space and minimized the overall impact on this historic structure.

We look forward to reporting more time and cost-saving data once the project is complete. Stay tuned!


Posted on October 10, 2012 by Gino Cecchetto
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