Construction Services

Providing complete services to clients throughout California.

On each and every project, the Blach team works closely with clients to create a customized solution that provides a roadmap for success. This roadmap takes into consideration typical factors such as the project budget and schedule.

But because of Blach’s breadth of service options and building experience, it also looks at additional dynamics and apply the best solutions to optimize the project. 

Once the project team has a clear understanding of a client’s needs and goals, it may propose employing an alternative project delivery method, identify innovative opportunities for sustainability, offer ways to enhance the energy efficiency of the building, or utilize virtual design and construction tools (also referred to as "BIM") to eliminate waste and build complex aspects of the design more effectively.

The following is a list of Blach Construction’s services and resources:

  • Construction management 
  • Program management 
  • LEED/sustainability consultation 
  • Integrated Energy Services (IES) 
  • Preconstruction services 
  • Virtual Design & Construction services
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools
  • In-house scanning tools
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) design and engineering services
  • Prefabrication

Lean Construction 

Blach embraced the "Lean way" of thinking long before it was the latest buzzword in the construction industry. Blach's staff is always looking for ways to eliminate waste in any facet of operations. One of the company's core values is innovation, which in part means that it is committed to continuing Lean development and growth. Examples of how Blach has continued its commitment to being a Lean organization include:

  • Removing waste in the accounting process by automating vendor invoice approvals. The completely electronic system allows for faster routing, streamlines the review and approval loop and speeds prompt payment to vendors – all without the need to add an additional person or over-tax the existing accounting team.
  • Electronic data sharing across all employees and projects to allow open communication and avoid the unnecessary step of creating additional layers of paper or impediments
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement by utilizing plus/delta sessions (lessons learned) after any key project event, corporate event and the conclusion of each project
  • Use of a four-week (depending on the project) look-ahead schedule for project planning
  • Selection and implementation an ERP system that consolidates more than 18 separate software programs into one, efficient and connected system to be used throughout the entire company
  • Creating a “Great Ideas” email box for any employee to submit an idea to remove waste, streamline an operation, start something Blach isn't yet doing or stop something that no longer provides value

Blach has a dedicated initiative within Blach to continue to develop Blach's people (as well as the clients, architects, subcontractors and consultants that it works with) and utilize the latest Lean tools and techniques. This creates a system of continuous improvement. While Blach is committed to being a Lean organization, these actions translate into improvements in the way it approaches each project. Trust is built, commitments are kept, budgets are maintained and projects are delivered on time with the highest level of quality.